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Titanium & Wood Wedding Bands, Engagement and Anniversary Rings - FAQ

Titanium Wedding Bands

  • Do you make wedding rings?
  • Yes, we are honored to make wedding bands! Congratulations! In addition to our titanium wedding bands, we also make anniversary and engagement rings.

Ring Options: Size, Width, Profile, Finish, Engraving

  • Do you offer inside engraving?
  • Yes, we do. Inside engraving is complimentary (free!) for the rings you order. We can fit up to 40 simple characters and hearts. If you need more time to think about the engraving you want, you can place your order, then call us at 808-327-4647 with your engraving.
    Titanium Wood Rings engraving mi amore
  • What ring width should I order?
  • Always look in the ring description text to see what width the ring is pictured as. If a width isn't designated for the ring picture, call us at 808-327-4647. We will tell you the width shown on that ring's page and may even be able to email you more photos currently not shown online. Our experienced staff is there to make the ring designing process fun and easy for you.
    Titanium Ring widths - Titanium Wood Rings
  • What is the difference between the flat and round profile?
  • Profile refers to the top and outside of the ring where the inlay is. A flat profile ring has straighter edges, while a ring with round profile is more beveled, with slightly thicker walls. The flat profile also has less titanium showing on the face of the ring next to the inlay, while the round profile has more titanium showing coming around to the face of the ring. Most men like a flat profile on their rings. Here are two examples:
    Flat vs Round Profile - Titanium Wood Rings
  • What is the difference between brushed and polished finish?
  • A ring with brushed finish does not go through the final polish stage. It's a dull finish compared to the high polish result from our equipment. Polished rings have more of a mirror-like finish. Our suggestion is that you order your ring polished because in time it will look brushed. We suggest a brushed finish when ordering titanium with a gold inlay, as the gold stands out more against the brushed titanium and tends to blend more with polished titanium. Here are two examples side by side of brushed and polished:
    Polished vs Brushed Titanium Finish
  • Can the size be easily exchanged if incorrect?
  • Yes. We have a lifetime sizing guarantee. We are happy to resize or even remake your ring, if necessary, for a small fee. Just get in touch with us.
  • I have one of my partner's rings. How can I find out the ring size?
  • You can send us an existing ring that fits well to get most accurate size or take it to a jeweler for sizing. Get the width, too, then it will fit perfect.
  • What ring width would you recommend for a woman?
  • It depends on what width she is used to and how much room she has between her knuckle and finger bend. The most common width women choose is 6mm or 7mm. If she is wearing it next to another ring, a 3mm or 4mm width is best. We offer a sizing guarantee, so she can change after if it is not a comfortable width or she prefers it different.

Questions About Wood and Other Ring Inlay Materials

  • Can I change the wood and stone in a design? Is there an extra charge?
  • Yes. You may choose any wood or stone to be inlaid in a ring design. Please add a note to your shopping cart before checkout with your wood and stone preference. There is no extra charge for inlay customization, unless you have chosen a stone that is more or less costly than the original design.
  • Can you tell me about durability of the wood in a ring you wear daily? Also, what care would it require?
  • The inlays in our rings are covered with an extremely durable coating for daily wear. The coating is resistant to most elements, but not solvents, such as paint thinners and nail polish remover. We advise you to take care to protect or put away your titanium wood ring when getting your nails done or cleaning paint brushes. Still, when you purchase a ring from us, you get a lifetime refinishing guarantee, which you can count on if your ring falls prey to the chemicals above or other incidents.
  • For titanium wood rings, if I order a smaller or wider band, does the width of the wood strips change or only the amount of titanium that shows on the outside of the strips?
  • The width of the inlay, whether it's wood or another material, will increase or decrease according to the ring width you order, unless it is one of our narrow inlay designs. Narrow inlay designs have one the following model numbers: SS1FN/SS1RN, WIFN/WIRN, NEARTH.
  • What are the main differences between the types of Hawaiian Koa wood?
  • Koa is becoming a popular wood for Hawaiian wedding bands. Titanium Wood Rings has five different types of Koa Wood available to choose from — Curly, Dark, Fire, Light, and Tiger Koa. The color shades of Koa Wood are a result of the type of soil in which the tree grew.

    Curly Koa is often dark brown with patterns of black swirly grain.

    Dark Koa is a deep dark brown with shades of dark auburn and a texture of striped black grain.

    Fire Koa has a base of light brown with grain stripes and spots that are flame-like in a natural deep brown.

    Light Koa wood has a blondish color with straight brown grains.

    Tiger Koa is the rarest type of koa wood. The name refers to its diversity of pattern designs and grain texture similar to a tiger's coat. Naturally decorated in thin lines and horizontal lines resembling brush strokes in reddish brown and orange tan colors, Tiger Koa wood has a rare and limited supply.

  • Is it possible to replace diamond settings with sapphires?
  • It will be a different price but it is possible. We suggest a lighter wood to inlay the sapphires in. Get in touch with us to place your order: phone +1-808-756-1286 or email:

International Orders

  • Do u ship to the UK / Canada / Germany / Australia / New Zealand / Japan / Mexico / other country?
  • Yes. We ship internationally all the time. You can place your international order through our online shopping cart. Rings are the same price as listed in U.S. dollars. International shipping is $25.

    If your billing and shipping addresses are in different countries, you may have trouble ordering. We apologize, as this is done to stop fraudulent orders. If you are experiencing this problem, please call us at +1-808-327-4647 or email: with your desired purchase and we will submit your order personally.

    Note: we do not ship to China, South Korea, or any countries that do not accept jewelery.

  • For international orders (outside U.S.), will there be import taxes to pay at customs?
  • That depends on your country's import tax laws. The package will be sent with the price paid. We cannot mark your order as a gift because customs agencies are very strict.
  • How do I convert my ring size from UK to US size?
  • We can convert it for you. Send us your ring size and your country using our chat or contact form.

Guarantee / Warranty and Returns Questions

  • Do you offer any guarantee?
  • Yes, besides our 30 day no-questions-asked return policy, we offer a lifetime sizing and refinishing guarantee. Please view the details on our Returns page. Returning customers also get a lifetime 10% discount after their first purchase. Please contact us if you are returning to buy a new ring so we can extend the discount prior to purchase.
  • How do I find out the warranty on a particular ring?
  • Every ring we sell comes with a lifetime sizing and refinishing guarantee and 30-day money-back guarantee. Please note that custom designed rings, where the specific combination of inlays, stones or outside engraving you choose is not in our catalog, will incur a 20% fee upon return or resizing.
  • Is the wood and other inlay materials included in the refinishing warranty or just the metal of the ring?
  • Our guarantee/warranty is for every ring we sell and includes every part of the ring, top to bottom, inside and out. The inlays are also covered with an extremely durable coating for daily wear.
  • What if we need to return a ring for exchange? is there a cost for that?
  • You can exchange your ring, even if you want a new inlay or design. We would credit the value of the returned ring to your new ring. We have a 30-day return policy and a lifetime sizing guarantee (more details here).

    A ring can be resized bigger by 1/4-1/2 size by boring it out for $15, but it cannot be resized to a smaller size. In that case, the ring must be remade for a $25 fee.

    Exchanging custom designs: for orders of custom designs not in our catalog, there will be a 20% restocking fee. Please be aware that any rings returned that have been altered in any way by the customer will not be accepted. We are happy to exchange or refund any rings returned within 30 days that are not customized designs and in original condition.

Shipping, Delivery, Sales Tax Questions

  • How long will it take to get my ring?
  • Your ring(s) should arrive in less than three weeks. Our shopping cart will give you a quick delivery estimate when you are placing your order. In our production line, any rings after 10 working days are considered late and we will notify you of the delay, if any, by email or phone.
  • If I order today is there any chance I can get the ring(s) before my engagement / wedding / anniversary date / Christmas?
  • Send us a message by chat or give us a call at +1-808-327-4647 with the date you need your ring by and we’ll tell you if it’s possible.
  • How does the shipping work?
  • Within the United States, we offer free standard USPS shipping that takes 7-10 days. Otherwise, a FedEx upgrade is $25 and takes 2-3 days. You can choose the FedEx option after entering your address at checkout. International orders must ship via FedEx. Click here for more details on our shipping page.
  • I've already ordered my ring(s). Is it possible to upgrade the shipping to FedEx?
  • If your order has not shipped, then yes, you can pay for a shipping upgrade. Contact us by phone +1-808-327-4647 or via live chat.
  • Is there a sales tax on the rings purchased from you?
  • There is no sales tax for orders shipped outside Hawaii. Only orders shipping to Hawaii will be taxed with GET (General Excise Tax).

Contacting Us to Order a Custom Designed Ring

  • I'm ready to order a customized wedding band. What number should I call?
  • Call us at 808-756-1286 or 808-327-4647. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process of designing a custom ring, making it fun and easy.
  • I purchased a ring from you before. Could I buy another one that is exactly the same ring?
  • Yes, you can. Send us a message with your name, email, phone, and (if you have it) order number. We will contact you.
  • Wouldn’t it be easier to talk on the phone? What number should I call?
  • Sure! Call us at 808-756-1286 or 808-327-4647.

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